New Bra Bag Collection

25 June, 2012 1 comments Leave a comment

Hi Lingeriecats Shopper,

We had added new styles into our bra bags collection. Limited Quantity! Come check it out!

pink bra bagping bra bag w/ handleblack bra bagblue dotted bra bag


  1. Franciele September 03, 2012

    34fbefore i had my son i never felt sexy, i was ashamed of my body and felt self coosnicus, but after giving birth to him 2 months ago by c-section my views about my body changed. i realized that regardless of sagging breast, stretch marks on my tummy and thighs that i always thought were too wide and thick to be beautiful, that i had just done something so miraculous and produced such a beautiful child, when i came home from the hospital i started looking at my body in the mirror and for the first time i saw a sexy woman looking back at me and all of the flaws that i once saw are now testimonies of a life change. sexy is not a dress size, or the slogan on the size of a bus, or how your curves are distributed, it’s how you choose to see you and I’m glad i finally learned that lesson.

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